Don’t rush home on your lunch break! Let The Alpha Mama take care of your dog’s potty breaks, rest assured that your dog is well taken care of. You ever been at work or school and realize it’s later than you thought and your dog should have been let out to potty hours ago. So you rush home, only to find an accident (or two!) on the floor. How many times has this happened to you? Not anymore! Schedule daily or weekly potty breaks. The Alpha Mama is also always on-call and will do our best to get to your dog ASAP when needed!

Want more than just a quick potty break? Check out our dog walking page for longer walks or pet sitting page for longer visits.

Potty Break Rates

1 Visit on Leash

$20per visit
  • up to 2 dogs
  • *this is not a walk

Additional Dog

$5per visit
  • ea. add’l dog
  • *

1 Visit into Yard

$20per visit
  • unlimited dogs
  • *no leash
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Potty Breaks - Dog in snowy yard
Potty Breaks - Dog walking on a leash
Potty Breaks - 2 dogs on grass